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With the stones of the family quarters destroyed, Manuel Morales de Jódar built El Palacio de San Benito, his house-hotel in Cazalla de la Sierra, which filled with inherited treasures, icons and secrets.

“It is a re-implantation, not a restoration,” says Fernando Amores, the professor of archeology at the University of Seville on El Palacio de San Benito in Cazalla de la Sierra, Seville, and that the home of his friends, The decorator Manuel Morales de Jódar and the antiquarian Carlos Marañón, despite being from the middle of the millennium past is also new construction.Is this possible? “Here it is.In 60 my grandmother sold the family palace so that instead “When Morro de Jódar told me that I had to leave the house, I decided to restore that mansion as a tribute to her and to the region.