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This old churrería in the center of Madrid has become ‘Jaleo’, the new fashionable restaurant, and like everything that Guille García-Hoz does, it is full of good vibes. Come and see!

“Jaleo was a churrería that had two terraced premises with a different decoration in each one, to which we had to give unity in the quickest way possible,” says Guille García-Hoz. He was in charge of reforming both the interior design and the concept of this new restaurant in the center of the capital **. And he had an inspiration worthy of that Madrid of the Austrias that so characterizes the old spaces of the High Street: its moldings.

They observed them, they appreciated them, they replicated them in the other two contiguous premises and updated them by painting them in a semi dark blue that, since then, would reign in the whole environment. “To reduce the weight and modernize the style of the grinding was combined with wallpaper and a warm and dim lighting that achieves a perfect atmosphere also for night events,” explains Guille.

The funny thing, he tells us, “that still works like the churrería of a lifetime, but also serves lunch and dinner and is the place we like to find when we go out to enjoy.”


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