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Although it features a square face, it looks rather small; perhaps smaller than something like the Pebble Steel, which is among the smaller wearables on the market. The interface features a number of circular icons that appear on the screen, which you can use the digital crown to zoom into or just press right on them. There’s calendar, fitness, calling, messaging, and a number of other apps you can use.

When you raise your wrist up, the watch will dynamically wake the screen so you can see the time and any notifications; that’s similar to other smartwatches available, so nothing too new there. On the back of the watch there are a ton of sensors (more later) that track your health and fitness stats. It’s clear from what Apple is showing is that its Watch is much more than just a device that receives notifications.

You can dictate to the watch, of course, swipe around the touchscreen, and a “glances” gesture method for swiping through information; in addition to being a touchscreen, the display also senses force, and can tell the difference between a tap and a press; think of pressing like a “right click.”




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