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From the Red Wall to the Gaudí neighborhood, here are the 10 projects that marked the career of the Spanish architect who has just passed away at the age of 82.

On January 14, one of the most important figures in Spanish architecture said goodbye to us. Ricardo Bofill died in his native Barcelona at the age of 82, leaving behind an infinite legacy of surrealist structures and poetic spaces.

His work, so cosmopolitan, is known and applauded throughout the world. Here are the 10 most emblematic projects of the genius Ricardo Bofill.

La Muralla Roja

The Red Wall is probably one of the most photographed places for social networks. Its impressive structure has served as inspiration for series such as The Squid Game.

Location: Alicante

Construction: 1968-1973

Walden 7

Walden 7 is an emblematic brutalist-style apartment building located on Avenida de la Industria in the town of San Justo Desvern.

Location: Barcelona

Construction: 1975

Les Espaces d'Abraxas

This monumental housing complex near Paris is made up of three buildings: Le Palacio, which is the largest (it has 441 apartments), Le Théâtre with 130, and L'Arc, which only has 20.

Location: Paris, France

Construction: 1978-1983


This block of flats in Calpe is located within the urbanization of La Manzanera. With an impressive structure made of cubes, it is inspired by the shape of the Ifach rock, as seen in the image.

Location: Calpe, Alicante

Construction: 1971

Casa Familiar

Right in the Ampurdán, this holiday home incorporates the volumes of an old country house to a more modern home.

Location: Montràs, Costa Brava

Construction: 1973

La Fábrica

Back in 1973 Ricardo Bofill found an abandoned cement factory from the beginning of the century and decided to make it his home. The result was a spectacular home that also includes a space known as La Catedral, a wing dedicated to exhibitions, concerts and cultural events.

Location: Barcelona

Construction: 1975

Les Arcades du Lac

On the outskirts of Paris, in the town of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, you will find this residential complex that simulates the Segovia aqueduct, the Avignon bridge and the Chenonceau castle.

Location: Paris, France

Construction: 1982

Santuario de Meritxell

The old Sanctuary of Our Lady of Meritxell, which houses the patron saint of Andorra, suffered a terrible fire in 1972. Ricardo Bofill was in charge of the reconstruction years later.

Location: Andorra

Construction: 1990

Pa Soder Crescent

This residential building is part of an urban regeneration project, located where the Swedish capital's southern train station used to be.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Construction: 1992

Barrio Gaudí

The Gaudí neighborhood was designed with the aim of creating a new type of housing complex in which the residents (mostly migrants from the south and west of Spain) would integrate into the city without having to give up their traditional lifestyle.

Location: Reus, Tarragona

Construction: 1968


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