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Photograph duo Alexander Khokhlov: I am amazed by their projects and the originality that they put on each one.

Alexander Khokhlov and Veronica Ershova are a photographers duo world renowned for it’s creative projects. Unconventional ideas and daring approach to common shootings are their calling card.

Most talked-about series Weird Beauty and 2D or not 2D were created in collaboration with famous russian make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan. Mix of face art, photography and post-production allowed to create optical illusions. 2D or not 2D series were included in Designcollector’s top-10 of Russian projects in 2013.

In 2013 Alexander and Veronica started new art-project called Table Stories. The series is based on the mix of photography and philology, where authors showed their experiments with wordgames and paraphrases. The high-key images are squared and have the only white table as a decoration. It helped to achieve minimalistic approach in Table Stories and to make it funny, laconic and stylish.

The result of reincarnation of Marge Simpson made by Alexander and Veronica in 2014 was scary but attracting – the YouTube backstage video got more than 700,000 views for the first three weeks and still popular.

Alexander and Veronica’s work featured in world mass media including USA Today, CNN, Fox Tv, NBC News, SBS (Australia), Scientific American MIND, Professional Photographer, Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Wired, Holland Herald, Stern, 20 minutos, and others. The work Silhouette from Weird Beauty series featured in the book Illusion Confusion: The Wonderful World of Optical Deception by famous publishing house Thames & Hudson (London).



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