The All Around Lab studio reinterprets an old warehouse in Poblenou, Barcelona, ​​to transform it into a diaphanous, minimalist house full of light, in which Cubro furniture takes center stage.

The brightest house in Poblenou is probably this old warehouse converted into a home whose simple style with white as the protagonist leaves us with a breeze of peace from the first moment. The design of this house, by All Around Lab studio, is based on an open concept to house a multifunctional space, in which the Cubro furniture stands out in the kitchen and the bedroom, with pieces that also contribute to reflecting the light and enhance the luminosity of this spectacular space.

“The biggest challenge in this project was to fit the requirements of the clients without losing the feeling of spaciousness of the space and having the flexibility they needed. Above all, we wanted to prevent a space as large and as special as the one we had from being perverted by including the entire program: two bedrooms, two bathrooms - one of them with a built-in bathtub-, a work area, a laundry room with storage space, a special place for the coffee machine and, above all, a wide and versatile space where events can be held”, explain the designers of All Around Lab. In relation to the latter, in addition to all the distribution work, a way was devised to that the furniture of the kitchen island could be removed and thus be able to accommodate up to 10 people comfortably.

The 120 square meters of this bright house stand out for the use of continuous materials and light colors, a combination that creates neutral and warm rooms at the same time. "The transformation has been carried out using only the minimum means to inhabit a place", they explain from All Around Lab, referring to storage, humid spaces and circulations. The project thus forgets the ornaments to focus on the essential: functionality and openness. Thus, the different environments are articulated from pieces of work, which allows a sense of continuity to be generated. The void becomes the main element of the proposal.

Custom furniture

“In general, we support our clients throughout the design part, first reviewing the project to find the best functionality of the furniture and second by adapting their initial idea to our furniture modulation. In the case of All Around, it is a bit special because it is a studio with which we have already worked on many occasions, so they know our modulation and product perfectly. For this reason, the furniture design part of this project was led by All Around”, they explain from Cubro.

“In this case, it was essential to think of the furniture in parallel with the distribution proposal in order to enhance each space and delimit it thanks to it instead of partitions. The process is quite similar to working on its design from scratch”, they tell us from All Around Lab. “At first we think about what works best in a certain space or what we need to achieve a certain sensation; For example, we thought that the best way to create an entrance area with a storage area, but at the same time making the whole space open, was with a volume that did not reach the ceiling and that, thanks to the stainless-steel finish, help us to give light to the whole complex”, they add.

In the kitchen, Cubro has customized Ikea's modular structures, providing maximum beauty and functionality. A cube of tall cabinets, opposite the work area, also manage to maximize storage space. “In the case of the island, we devised a versatile system to be able to satisfy the needs of the clients. In the same way, we think of the sofa as a way to delimit the living area; It is a large piece that in turn has the same materiality as the rest of the floor. We designed it as a volume, something massive and stony, that would function as a sofa, table, sideboard, shelves... all at the same time”, they tell us from All Around.

The bedroom storage has also been designed with Cubro fronts. The chest of drawers has been proposed based on the METOD modules for Ikea kitchens. The wardrobe, meanwhile, has been made from PAX modules. In both cases, the finish belongs to the MATE Blanco range. The fronts of this range are glued onto unedged birch plywood boards. Its anti-glare properties help the furniture blend in with the aesthetics of the space. This continuity is only interrupted by the characteristic CUBRO ROUND handles.

Source: https://www.revistaad.es/

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