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‘Masa’ is an artisanal bakery that functions as a restaurant and, thanks to the work of ‘Estudio Cadena’, it has become a meeting point for Bogotá. This is called eating with art.

It is the second place that Estudio Cadena designs for the Masa bakeries in Bogotá, but the first on a residential scale and with such contemporary proposals, a restaurant that is an art piece that occupies an old house that went through several uses. With almost 700 square meters, Benjamin Cadena, of the studio, tells us that “the concept was that everything was connected but at the same time the spaces were fragmented to grant privacy to each environment. In any area of ​​the room you can hear and smell what is in other areas, which gives an idea of ​​unity, but without being completely open or fully delimited. The design defines different spatial volumes but allows to move through them with the freedom of an open plane “. Already from the outside you can sense the specialness of the place, with very personal triangular windows of different sizes that connect the interior with the exterior, so that the local life is reflected in the street inviting the inhabitants of the city to spend.


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