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Mert & Marcus captures Julia Roberts, Tony Ward, Mica Arganaraz, Alessio Pozzi & Stella Lucia for Givenchy S/S 2015 Campaign.

So Givenchy is bringing Julia Roberts for its S/S 2015 Campaign, what more could you ask? The veteran actress is becoming “model” at 47 and we cannot complain about, WE LOVE HER!

The garments looks stunning on her, she looks natural and effortless. She seems very natural to the fashion camera, we know she will not stop her model status from now on.

Also in the campaign we have Tony ward and other models completing the fashion story. He, as usual, give us that rocker gentleman look that we love. We must say we are liking what we are seeing by the moment, a some-kind-of-gothic felling is in the air and involves two girls, a boy and a motorcycle going into the woods. Well, the motorcycle give us the idea…Our mind have always had a good imagination.

We are trying to figure whether or not this could be an S&M travel…but we could tell you they are having a good time.