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What is the interior design of a house for a person who enters the third age? This Sydney home proves that, by being out of touch and fashions, it can be more modern than any young man.

Already Hydrogenesse said in his song: “To the old everything feels good”. And interior design is no exception. Because this house in Sydney is all a reflection of its owner, a man of old but with sophisticated tastes and lover of the design, in which is created a mix of styles, times and materials that transcends to any fashion and defies the time already any convention.

After having worked in commercial properties with him, the Australian studio SJB was commissioned to decorate this client’s house: a historic mansion in which he wanted simplicity to prevail but without renouncing opulence. They bet for a modest and livable luxury but in which the furniture defies all trends. “No matter what time each piece of furniture or