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This wooden cabin is unlike any other and escapes routine in its entirety, sustainable and functional, it is transformed according to the needs of those who inhabit it.

Located on Texel Island in the north of the Netherlands, this log cabin is the perfect escape from routine. Designed by the team of architects Orange Architects, instead of being divided into rooms through walls, it is divided according to their function at all times, thus creating a more flexible and functional interior. This unique approach to space carries over to the main area, maximizing its dimensions and optimizing its purpose, allowing most of them to house two different home functions.

During the day, this wooden refuge is transformed into an open and fluid space, full of light and connected to the outside through large windows and glass doors. At night, the wooden paneling in the hall can be closed, turning 90 degrees, to become a bedroom with a hidden bathroom. This transformation keeps the interior compact and efficient, increasing the feeling of spaciousness by hiding rooms not used during the day.

All this is within a reduced dimension with two levels of height. Skylights in the master bedroom, library and attic create prominent points of light and spaciousness, with window frames up to five meters high making the landscape itself part of the interior. The walls are lined with light-colored birch wood, enhancing the sense of proportion and size. All materials are local and handmade.

In addition, it is a cabin full of sustainable solutions: almost invisible solar panels on the roof, natural and cross-ventilation, and a wood and concrete structure that acts as a thermal mass. The facade is lined with black wood protecting it from the weather and time. The house adapts to different climatic conditions, since the terrace slats adjust if it is windy, very sunny or as protection when it rains.

As a curiosity, and due to the irregular volume of the cabin, the structure was completely assembled in the wood workshop, later moving to the island, where it was reassembled in one piece. This holiday cabin, just ten minutes from the North Sea beaches, is a haven of disconnection with a clear contrast between its warm interior and a daring exterior with geometric shapes and dark colors.


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