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The geometries of Hicks and the symmetry of Bustamante. Military style and Grand Tour. Inherited pieces and own designs. With all this, Estanis Aguilar, a fan of the XVIII century, has built his house in Madrid.

“It was a nuisance during the work, because he is very meticulous and he has everything very clear, but his sense of aesthetics is incredible -as his sister Magdalena describes to Estanis Aguilar-“, the interior designer and has helped him to reform this house in the neighborhood of Salamanca, Madrid, playing with the symmetry of abundant geometries. Estanislao was an antiquarian and then furniture designer, two aspects that he mixed with energy in his new apartment. “I am delighted and super fast here, I found the perfect size in the perfect area. I did not want a bourgeois and stale house, with Spanish virgins. It is a combination of inherited pieces, bought and created by me; a very personal decoration with the rest of my family, the passion of my grandmother