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Antiquaries Juan Castro and Juan Sorzo bought a three-storey farm and restored it with elements of the period. There, without a refrigerator or heating, time seems to have stopped.

Here the rustic is not a mere decorative choice, it is a way of life. Some rooms lack electricity, and where there are, it is limited to one or two plugs. The only heating is provided by the chimneys, and the pots are also brought in so that the stews go slowly, because there are no stoves in either of the two kitchens. Instead of a fridge there is a fridge, and the bathroom door is locked with a stick.

Juan Castro and Juan Sorzo, on their holidays, practice a total immersion in their beloved past and live as Amish Castilians in their shelter in Linares de Sotocuevas, a hamlet north of Burgos with four houses, a town hall and a medieval church . They had searched La Vera, Teruel, Soria and even Alicante, and when they did not expect it, they found this ad on the Internet: “The house is sold in Las Merindades.”