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ETRO WOMEN SPRING 2015 BACKSTAGE: (MILAN) — At Etro, hairstylist James Pecis invoked a desert girl with Californian and Native American influences. “I’m from California, so to me, the look just makes sense,” he said.

Definetily for us Etro was the best bohemian runway of the 2015 Spring Milan Fashion Week, the textures, the prints, the accesories, all of them come together for a great outfit.

Extensions were added to tresses with a middle part and a soft wave. Makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo referenced “a cool girl who wears a tiny bit of black mascara and has a healthy cheek because she’s a frequent traveler.” Using MAC Cosmetics, he applied moisturizer – Care Blends Essential Oil and Studio Moisture Fix – and concealer was dotted where needed. The hairline and cheekbones were warmed with gold-bronze hues and sheer, coral pink highlights. Powdered brows matched hair color and were brushed-up with Brow Set Beguile. Top lash lines were inked by Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Quite Natural. Outer eye corners were darkened, blended and diffused, followed by a swath of “mushroom, putty-colored cream eye shadow,” Carrasquillo said. Mascara fanned top and bottom lash roots, and was combed through. Natural lips boasted Lip Conditioner.



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