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The collection is called “J10 James,” and the soccer player posed for five hours in Medellin before leaving for Spain.

“We chose James Rodriguez to be the face of Bronzini Black because he is a man of style, with confidence in himself, and is surprising at all times,” said Martin Nova, the marketing vice president of the Exito Group.

The pictures feature Rodriguez in a dark color scheme, mostly made up of greys and blacks. The clothing is casual, so it’s not quite as fashion-forward as Cristiano Ronaldo’s lines.

“For me, a strong foundation is the most important thing throughout every area of my life,” he said, according to the site. “In my sporting life, a strong foundation enables me to perform at my very best, and I apply the same principle to my personal life, business life and the way I dress. Dressing well gives me confidence to be the best that I can be, and underwear with a great fit and modern, stylish shirts are the starting point of every look.”

Ronaldo has teamed up with fashion designer Richard Chai, and the point of his shirt line is to come up with basics that can fit into many parts of someone’s life.


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