LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Is there better way to look at what we buy than to look into the trash? Christopher Shannon’s exploration of trash takes on a different meaning this season.  This F/W runway reads a lot like a satire on the insatiable and big appetite for human consumption, humorously disguised as a parade of “garbage men”, in the literal sense of the phrase.

Stray plastic bags covered models’ faces and a ostensibly random choice of appliqués dress Shannon’s signature garb silhouette.  Popular culture references just like the coke can, and declarative slipover slogans –- a relentless furore of past seasons –- recur this point with messages like “Broken, Broken, Broken” and “Thanks four Nothing”. A series of Quentin Jones-esque collages within the initial few appearance echo the purposeful discordant “trash” that Shannon was proud to present.

A fellow audience member muttered, “One of the few times I don’t get it”. it had been positively the marmite of shows, however it’d be seriously good of Shannon if he had so supposed to use the fashion medium as his message. Sure, Jeremy Scott triggered the discourse on fast fashion with Moschino last season, complete with fast food logos to drive his purpose on microwaved fashion.  However Christopher Shannon’s take was slightly completely different, for he documented recent collections by London designers instead — notably the plastic bags from Ashish, the Modernist patchwork from Nicomede Talavera and maybe went as referencing as referencing the model incognito from Craig Green –- as if to serve a reminder of just how quickly the seasons churn, as runway moments get taken over and regurgitated through completely different cycles.

Or maybe he’s simply in it for a little of fun.  At the very least, hats off to Shannon for braving such a tired however doubtless serious subject while keeping his humour intact.


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