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Move away from hyperconnection and give us a space for peace and privacy: this is what these new constructions seek. The hour of contemplative architecture has come to live in silence.

We explore the new architecture, designed to live in silence. A new architectural order with a great symbolic charge is gaining prominence. Halfway between the dictates of Zen and sacred buildings, this 21st century minimalism seeks, beyond a refined aesthetic, to give a deeper meaning to nudity. He already has great followers.

John Pawson, who embraced this mute creed back in the 80’s in his first buildings, preaches by example. His house in London also reflects his brief and reductionist proclamation, an apparent simplicity where visual tranquility reigns. Architects like Vincent Van Duysen have followed his trail with their own and unmistakable style. “It’s about removing layers and reaching the heart to achieve the maximum of authenticity, simplicity and purity. I seek to create an unexpected emotional connection with the spaces and achieve a sense of well-being and contemplation in its inhabitants, “explains the Belgian.