This residence keeps family dreams, they wanted a space for share their long sunny days. Its design talks like architecture poetry!

Nothing more refreshing than a house with real architecture in the middle of the forest, design that evoque comfort and free transit. The sensation of freedom and fresh air are permanent in every corner of this residence designed by Luciano Gerbilsky in Bravo’s Valley.  We talk about a much appreciated zone for people who lives in Mexico City, because represents an idyllically place with lots of vegetation and extraordinary lake views. For its location, next to the city, it’s a strategic place for second houses, and is here where a couple with three children look for stablish their refuge for weekends. The first step was to acquire the ideal terrain, a privileged parcel, and later look for an architect who could integrate la edification with the surround nature, because the family was not looking for a complex structure, but for a good taste design that makes them feel in peace just looking at, so they chose Luciano Gerbilsky proposal.

The architecture language is created from a set of layers of different materials, they make the project merge in the landscape. In this way, hard and strong elements, like stone and concrete, get a softer look with external wood layers.

In the interiors we can find high ceilings, neutral scheme and darker on the exteriors. It’s all about a place for feeling comfortable and protected that contrast with the landscape.

Architecture & Interior Design: Luciano Gerbilsky/RED Group


By: Andy Abner Rivera


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