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Designer and entrepreneur Jenni Kayne has transformed a farm in California to remind her of her childhood, with timeless furniture and spaces to enjoy nature.

One corner of the room features four Brentwood bouclé chairs, designed by Jenni Kayne.© Angi Welsch

Sometimes nostalgia makes us dream and fulfill dreams. This is what happened to Jenni Kayne, an interior designer based in Los Angeles, who was looking for a magical home in Santa Ynez, California. He grew up taking long naps in a hammock at his godmother's house, so he looked for a place that would transport him to his childhood: a 20-hectare farm surrounded by oak trees. His condition was pitiful, but the possibilities were endless.

Beyond the incredible views, Woodstock – as the farm is called – had apparently been abandoned since the 1970s. “There was even duct tape on the sinks and toilets, and animals living inside,” says Kayne. Still, she envisioned a special place where she, her husband, and their three children could retire from Los Angeles, but also where her friends and family could escape for horseback riding, outdoor farm-to-table dining, yoga , taste wines… In short, enjoy the good life.