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The interior design of the seventies is back in fashion and has become one of the favorite trends thanks to its colors and original furniture.

Trends are distinguished by coming and going. Fashions follow a cycle, where every certain number of years old trends are revived to give them a new twist and adapt them to the times. Currently the decoration of the seventies is the one that is gaining points with its colorful and bohemian style.

With materials like rattan and wicker, and vibrant colors like orange and yellow, home decor trends are making a big shift from minimalism to maximalist, and we love it. So if you've been looking for an excuse to transform the interior design of your home, this colorful trend is perfect for you.

The return of fashions

Some trends may seem fleeting, but in reality they always come back because of the great impact they had on their time. Perhaps not completely, because there are always details that can make them seem outdated, but fortunately they can be modified according to the time in which it is adopted.

Specialists in trends know that, thanks to the Internet, they are known faster and are likely to be reinvented or mixed with others. And this goes for all kinds of trends; for example in the world of technology where we see that the love for folding mobiles is returning or on the catwalks, in which the 2000s have returned with force.

In the world of interior design, fashions and trends are a bit more permanent, since they represent a greater expense and planning than simply changing clothes. But without a doubt, one of those that has made history is the fun and vibrant decoration style of the seventies.

A colorful and psychedelic style

There is something charming and captivating about 1970s-era decorating styles. From playful colors to psychedelic, eye-popping prints, the decade was truly remarkable for home decor, breaking many paradigms and rules of interior design. With the rise of maximalism and eclectic style, its impact continues 50 years later, and it has returned to be one of the most popular.

Adapt it to your home

Adapting new interior design trends to the home does not have to be as difficult as it seems since it is not necessary to get rid of everything that is already in the home and start from scratch, but rather you can incorporate a couple of new elements that give it a new look. focus to space. Specifically in the 70s they brought us a wide range of decoration styles to choose from, so their return has been one of the easiest to adapt. So if your thing is bohemian and natural materials if you prefer floral and fun prints, there is a style of the 70s that will surely adapt to your space.

Vibrant colors

Vibrant colors are one of the most important elements of 1970s decor thanks to the vibrancy they add to homes. You can incorporate colors by painting the walls, add pops of color with cushions and textiles, or play with color accessories.

Armchairs with personality

One of the most representative elements of the time were the fun and original armchairs that, thanks to their vibrant colors, original textiles and spectacular shapes, set a trend. These days, armchairs with unusual shapes are making a comeback and are perfect for a 70s-inspired home.


Wallpaper has always been an important part of home decoration, but nothing can compare to the special prints and patterns of the seventies. You can incorporate the wallpaper in a minimalist way to just create a touch or accent color, or you can take advantage and experiment with psychedelic patterns that transport you to this fabulous decade.

Rattan, wicker and macrame

If bohemian is your thing, the seventies are also perfect for you thanks to the fact that the most important materials of the time were natural materials, so you can incorporate a couple of pieces of furniture into your home to create a tropical and hippie atmosphere. Macramé also became very popular at that time and is now making a comeback as one of the season's most important decorative accessories, especially in the form of wall hangings.

Terrazzo and patterns

Patterns were one of the most important elements in interior design thanks to their originality. From patterned rugs and curtains to wallpaper, patterns were everywhere in the 1970s. In addition to patterns, terrazzo was another material that boomed in the 1970s and has since become one of the most popular trends in the world of interior design.

So if you're ready to fall in love with the seventies and welcome this style into your home, feel free to experiment and transform it into a sanctuary of eclectic and vintage.


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