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You love your pet and you think that a house full of pet hair is the price to pay for your love, but you don't have to; These tricks prove it.

Combining animal love and keeping your house free of pet hair seems like an impossible mission. However, there are more and more specific products that make this task easier, which together with certain tricks results in everything that the most addicted pet lovers dream of: a home shared with our best friends and always perfect.

1 - Go to the source

In other words, to your beloved furry one, because there is no better way to get rid of hair than to pick it up before it flutters around the house. So that it does not become one of those tasks that we constantly forget, keep the brush near the place where you usually snuggle with your pet: on the sofa, next to his bed, in your bed... In the end, you will end up incorporating it into your routine effortlessly, doing it, for example, while watching your favorite series.

The brush you use will be determined by your pet's coat type; however, in times of shedding, the Furminator can be especially useful, especially effective and designed for both dogs and cats. It is sold in different varieties depending on the size and length of the animal's hair.

By the way: if you think your pet is losing too much hair, try changing its diet: the higher the quality, the less it falls out.

2 - Choose repellent fabrics

Among the traditional fabrics, leather is usually a material to which the hair does not adhere too much. However, in recent times fabrics have been developed whose specific mission is to repel the hair of our best friends. Brands like Aquaclean offer technology that "minimizes the effects that your pet can have on the fabric," according to the company itself. Thus, they are highly resistant to tearing and stains -which come out only with water on their surface- and have a protective barrier against mites, fungi and bacteria.

For dog and cat beds there are also companies, such as Dear Friend, that manufacture anti-hair and anti-stain fabrics.

3 - Wash with special programs

The bed, the sofa cover, the blanket, our bedspread... Everything ends up full of pet hair that is difficult to get rid of even after several washes. However, companies like Beko offer special hair removal programs on many of their washing machines.

The dryer is also a good ally to get rid of these uncomfortable residues, although, beware; In both cases, it is advisable to check the filters frequently.

4 - Get rid of stubborn hairs

If you don't have any of those magic weaves we've already mentioned, you'll have to remove the hairs by hand. You can do it easily by putting on a simple wet rubber glove and passing it over the surface to be cleaned; the hairs will be grouped and it will be very easy for you to pick them up with the other hand.

Specialized tools are also useful, such as this sponge that is used dry and also works for furniture. In the case of carpets, however, it will probably be faster for you to use the typical window cleaning blades - just pass them over the surface as if it were a mop. For best results, before you racket you can spray the carpet with a mixture of fabric softener and water using a spray bottle. And to definitely finish with the hairs that remain...

5 - Vacuum

This one is obvious, but very necessary; no pet owner can do without a good vacuum cleaner. There are some that have special tools to pick up hair more easily, such as the Bosch Zoo'o ProAnimal range, which is sold with brushes of various sizes for specific surfaces such as wood and upholstery and has a greater suction capacity than a vacuum cleaner. use.


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