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Try these ideas and you will have books in order, you will save space and you will turn unique corners into special home libraries.

Books are one of the reasons for the greatest chaos at home. Many times they are scattered everywhere and we are not able to place them in an orderly manner. These small objects are part of our lifestyle, some are so beautiful that they should even be displayed (coffee table book style) and others are passed down from generation to generation. Here are 15 ideas on how to organize books without dying trying.

1. Take advantage of the space

Inside your house you can create a reading corner and use, for example, the windowsill as a shelf. Of course, make sure that the corner is in the shade, since the books can fade or discolor when exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Under the television

If you have a television cabinet with shelves, you can stack them on them as decoration elements, and thus create a nice corner to compensate for a corner full of cables and technology.

3. Set aside those you don't use as much

For books you need to keep but don't need to access often, move them to the top of your shelves. This way you can easily free up space for those you want to have close at hand.

4. Corners that you won't use at first glance.

Do you have a bench or a tall piece of furniture with a hole underneath? You can use them to store a collection of books, stand them up and give a different touch to a corner in the hall, the bedroom or in the office, for example.

5. Turn a cupboard into a mini-library

Hey bibliophiles: if you have space in a cupboard, you can stack the heaviest books on the bottom and the lightest ones on top for visual balance when you open the door. If you feel like investing, a good idea is to install a removable system to provide a more sophisticated and studied way of viewing books.

6. Shelves as a screen

If you have a large living room or bedroom, with a shelf you can divide spaces that, at the same time as serving as storage, visually allows you to create different, beautiful and practical walls.

7. Storage boxes

Another method is to use decorative baskets to hide (and keep them tidy) books either under the bed or on a shelf to keep them out of sight. Go for different boxes to separate books by category, for example, or by age.

8. Not all books are suitable for having them in the center of a table

Sometimes these objects can be perfectly part of the decoration of our house, but they do not always look good. For example, if your living room is small and you have a coffee table that you use to eat or that already has other types of objects, it is best to put them elsewhere. There are coffee tables that have an extra shelf underneath, so if you have one like this, your coffee table books can take a backseat.

9. The space under the stairs

If you live in an independent house or a multi-storey villa, the area under the stairs can be converted into a beautiful display corner. You can add plants and other decorative elements to break the typical monotony that sometimes only bookshelves offer.

10. The headboard of the bed

Some bed structures already include holes in the headboard in which to store numerous things. You can use that space to place books or, if you get creative, you can create a bookcase with shelves around a door frame or above the bed.

11. We like skyscrapers

Stack the books in towers, it looks great! Surely you have some unused corner at home and that you can take advantage of to show your talent and creativity and make books pure art.

12. No blank wall

From small or corner shelves, glass or wood, any is valid to decorate the walls of your house. If you put books there, you can also use bookends to group them according to their size.

13. Order is calm

Order the books alphabetically or separate them into different categories according to their type (cooking, narrative, art books, etc.). You can also give a touch of distinction by separating them by color and creating a most colorful display.

14. Improve the functionality of spaces

Do you have a large hallway? Take advantage of it and turn it into a kind of library. In addition to introducing colors and textures in a space that can be quite bland at first, it is a great way to show off your book collection to the world.

15. Keep them in good condition

It is important to take care of books and keep them clean, free of dust and away from damp walls and direct sunlight. Do not have them too stacked either, since it is good that the air circulates between them. If you have them between wood, be careful that the dreaded termites do not appear.


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